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March 01, 2022

How Does Geofencing In Cincinnati Enhance A Security System?

The latest home security installations have become increasingly more intelligent. With that being said, you may still neglect to do easy security chores like activating your home security, shutting the garage door, or even securing your front door.

What if you didn’t have to remember doing these chores again? When you implement geofencing in Cincinnati, you can simply leave the driveway and let your security system do it for you.

What is Geofencing In Cincinnati For Home Security Systems?

Geofencing draws a virtual perimeter along the sides of your house, which you can customize within your smart security app. This convenient tool then utilizes your mobile device to see when you cross the perimeter and then initiates your “leaving-the-house” automations.

What Makes Geofencing Work?

Geofencing is made possible by z-wave, a wireless communications standard that smart devices take advantage of to communicate with each other. This technological advancement assists your home security by putting all elements onto one, unified network. You can set up specific boundaries on all sides of your property and program particular actions when you go past the specified border.

For example, as soon as you pull away from your driveway, you may instruct your security system to secure your front and back doors, close the garage, and switch the alarm back on. Then, when you arrive home for the evening, geofencing will notify your system to disengage the alarm, raise the garage door, brighten first-floor lights, and even adjust your smart thermostat.

Below are several of the devices you will be able to manage with geofencing:

● Lighting

● Smart thermostats

● Security alarms and cameras

● Home electronics like speakers or TVs

● Overhead doors

Schedules, Scenes, And Geofencing Are At Your Fingertips With Your Smartphone App

Geofencing is just one way you can utilize your home security system in Cincinnati. With the ADT Control app, you have the ability to do a lot with automation. Just tap the app interface, and you have the opportunity to:

● Set schedules: program your smart alarms and cameras to operate at predetermined times. Direct various lights to dim to tell you that it's time for bed, or deactivate your alarms as you start your day.

● Define how devices react to one another: Make certain devices engage based on another activity. Direct your thermostat to switch on the fan when the CO detector trips. Or turn on your smart bulb in the hallway if your security camera notices abnormal activity in the yard.

● Preprogram scenes: Design room and event scenes with various smart components that operate in concert with each other. Make your lights switch off, the thermostat go down, and the locks engage when it's time for bed. Or set the mood for movie night with specific lighting and HVAC settings.

● Geofence your security: You may not always remember to set the security system as you're rushing around in the morning. With geofencing technology and your cell phone, you'll never forget to arm the system and lower the garage door.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Geofencing in Cincinnati

Whether you seek additional certainty of a fully secured property whenever you leave or you wish to explore your home automation options, geofencing is a wise choice. Contact one of our knowledgeable team members today at (513) 230-7397 or complete the form on this page to start designing your perfect security system.