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September 27, 2021

Ways to Minimize False Alarms from Cincinnati Home Security Systems

False alarms have the potential to be an issue for your home’s defense. These events could become expensive and facilitate a rise in your home insurance payments, but they don't have to go that far! You are able to minimize false alarms from your Cincinnati home security system by being certain that each member of your family is educated on using it. Best practices like setting up notifications to your mobile device when an alarm is triggered, automating your home, and picking an alarm company that offers 24/7 monitoring will stop first responders from visiting your house because of a false alarm.

Instruct Occupants On Your Home Security System

In the event you have children at your house, make sure they are instructed on how to use the security features and they understand it's vitally important to home safety. If you have a pet (or pets), it’s wise to show them what will occur if the alarm starts going off - most home defense systems emit a high-pitched noise out of integrated speakers or other devices when your alarm is triggered.You can teach your furry friends to remain calm.

Get Mobile Alerts So You Are Able To Determine If You’re Experiencing A False Alarm

A mobile alert won't stop a Cincinnati false security alarm, but it may stop the police from coming out. Advanced installations like those from ADT will deliver updates directly to your cell phone from the integrated security application when your system goes off. It's beneficial when you're not on site to know instantly when your alarms go off. If you have surveillance systems, you are able to view the footage and determine if there’s a potential problem.

Automation Is A Smart Choice To Turn off Your Home Security System

Utilizing home automation with your property’s defense is a great way to reduce the occurrence of false alarms. A primary reason for false alarms in Cincinnati is owing to the fact that the security components are accidentally still engaged when you're home. Accidentally open a door, and a sensor is tripped. But you are able to disarm your system per a predetermined schedule, including when your youngsters return home from school. When using an automated element like a front door lock, you might even instruct your alarms to disarm whenever the lock is initiated with your code.

Rely On 24-hour Monitoring For False Alarm Support

The best way to minimize false alarms is by using a security system supplier that provides 24-7 monitoring in Cincinnati. These dedicated professionals will inspect your activated alarms if they detect an expected amount of activity at your property. Then, they are able to connect with you to make sure you aren’t experiencing a false alarm. If you do in fact have a false alarm, they can reset the alarm remotely. If there is any indication that you have an intruder, your monitoring agent will contact local authorities.

Get An ADT Alarm System To Minimize False Security Alarms In Cincinnati

You should know that a home security system cannot curb all criminal activity, but it will provide peace of mind and make your house more secure. ADT plans also include home automation and home monitoring that will reduce the frequency of false alarms. Phone (513) 230-7397 or fill out the following form and one of our specialists will assist you in creating your ideal security system.