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November 11, 2021

Will Home Security Signs Deter Intrusion In Cincinnati?

There's a popular perception that placing signage from a home security company in close proximity to your home’s entrance is the only thing required to ward off criminals. In essence, an intruder will view visible warning and go on past. Therefore, would it make sense to only implement a home security sign in Cincinnati and not worry about a real home security system? Frankly, some think that a security system isn’t needed, all you need is a home security sign in Cincinnati. It’s the home security sign that deters intrusion in Cincinnati not your actual security system.

Although there is legitimate value in showcasing signs and decals from prominent home security providers like ADT®, it’s not all you need to dissuade every intruder. Instead, you're better off backing them up with a range of additional security components. You will likely agree it’s a smarter and safer plan than simply assuming that your home security signs will deter intrusion in Cincinnati.

Reinforce Your Cincinnati Home Security Signs With Integrated Security Components

While home security signs might deter intrusion at times, you shouldn’t depend on them as your only form of protection. Instead, you should try incorporating all or at least some of these devices:

● Video surveillance: Not surprisingly, no burglar wants to be caught by your camera as it could be used against them in a legal matter. Go with an outdoor camera system that covers primary entry points such as front and back doors, garage, and windows.

● Window and door sensors: The majority of invaders will enter via your front door, back door, and windows, so you need to have them secured by motion and glass break sensors. When a sensor is activated, your security system will warn you and your around-the-clock monitoring station.

● Motion-sensor floodlights: Although it’s the truth that many robberies occur in the daytime when residents are working, you should also safeguard against burglars who wait until dark. Lights with motion-detection capability installed next to your access points will quickly highlight nefarious behavior and scare off potential invaders.

● Smart entry locks and doorbell cameras: Smart locking devices will update you when a person tries to unlock or open your door. A doorbell video component takes it one step further by giving you real-time footage. Both of these solutions work with your smartphone security application.

● Smart lights: A great home automation device, smart lights are able to be put on a schedule or engaged right from your phone. These innovative gadgets are intended to make it seem like you are on-site and help discourage burglars.

Start Planning Your Integrated Home Security Package

Why would you gamble that standalone home security signs will deter intrusion in Cincinnati when you have the opportunity to implement a complete home security system? Dial (513) 230-7397 or fill out the form on this page to get started. You may select from a range of plans at affordable monthly rates or customize your system exactly how you want it.